WER Steering Damper
by Tim Nagy w/additional pics by Billy Dean

After cutting my handlebars down to 29.5", I noticed a lot of headshake under hard acceleration. Thus, after reading all the good comments about steering dampers on the web, I decided to get one. I went with the WER simply because I want to be able to mount an enduro computer in the future. Take it from a non-mechanic, this is a simple installation. The instructions provided by WER are pretty straight-forward although a few photos would have helped. I opted for the bolt-on bracket, since I don't weld. For the installation of the damper, there's really nothing to add that isn't in the instruction book. However, here are some photos to help the process. The installation of the damper and bracket took about 45 minutes.

Front view of the installed damper. Note placement of hotstart valve on bottom of triple clamp and tubing (1/4-inch fuel line) from pumper and airbox to hotstart valve.
Side view of bracket attachment. U-shaped frame bracket requires -inch hole thru gussets on both sides of main frame down tube
The next step is to modify the headlight/number plate assy to clear the damper arm. WER sells a kit ($14.95 kit) to move the four rubber mounts lower and thus raise the front plate.
If you'd rather keep the number plate at its stock position, cut the bottom of the headlight assembly away for clearance of the WER arm...
View of metal stays attached to front plate. Stays have been riveted to top but not the bottom to allow you to position the plate on the bike and check for clearance of damper. Once you find the fit, rivet the bottom. Note placement of the hotstart.
The finished product with the WER headlamp assy kit...
The finished product with the bottom of the headlamp assy cutoff...