KLX Idler Gear Replacement

Contributed by... Dave Hernandez and Brian Luttman

The results of NOT replacing the idler gear are... BAD!


Here are Stroker's Instructions.  We thought we could do better.

"Special" tools: snap ring plyers

Supplies: Clutch cover gasket and blue loctite


1. Remove 6 bolts on clutch cover.  Draining oil is not necessary.   You don't need to remove clutch cable, simply flip up and rest on header.
2.  Remove clutch release plate and pin.
3. Put bike in idler-.  Remove clutch hub nut.  Remove clutch assembly.
4.  Remove snap ring and old idler idler-.  You will need to keep the THIN outside washer.  The THICK inside washer will be replaced by the supplied THIN washer.
4A.  Here is sample of THIN and THICK inside washers.
4B.  Old and New Idler Gear
5. Install new idler-:  Sequence is THIN washer, Idler idler-, THIN washer, and snap ring.  Be sure snap ring is seated in groove.
6. These are the parts you should have left: 

   (1)One stock Idler idler- and (1)One THICK washer.

7. Install clutch hub assembly.  Torque clutch hub nut to 58 ft-lbs.  Install new gasket, and cover. Torque clutch cover bolts to 87 in-lbs.