Instant Power for your Stock KLX

The KLX is a great bike right out of the box, but there are several simple mods you can do yourself to make your KLX breath easier and run faster.   And the best part is these mods are FREE!   Except for California models, the stock jetting is usually a bit rich, so opening up the air box is likely to put the CVK carburetion right on.   In California, however, the KLX comes from the factory on the lean side, so opening up the air box can make it even leaner.   Most California KLXers do the free mods, then discover their bike now runs like crap.   One way around this problem is to replace the CA needle with the 49-state needle: Kawasaki's NEEDLE-JET, N1TC (p/n 16009-1912), CLIP (p/n 92037-140) and COLLAR (p/n 92143-1667).   But the best way to take advantage of the free mods is to install a Dyno-Jet Kit...

Remove the air box lid -- you won't be needing it anymore. Cut out the backfire screen, the mesh is fine but still traps plenty of air. Don't leave any metal shavings for the carb to ingest, and watch your fingers, the mesh wire is sharp!

What was Kawasaki thinking?
Toss the butt plug!

Remove the stock crankcase vent hose and replace it with about two-feet of 1/2-inch hose.  Plug the old vent hose that goes to the air box with a bolt, and secure it with the stock clamp

Route the new hose straight up behind the carb, past the shock and into the air box. Then attach a small Breather Filter to the end of the hose, and secure it with a small hose clamp. Don't use a disposable filter. Get a UNI p/n UP-123 -- it can be cleaned and used again and again...

What could be easier?
Your KLX's asthma condition is now cured.
Bolt the seat on and go for a spin...